Our Community

We continue to support a diverse range of community initiatives through our corporate volunteer services, education and community services, and financial and in-kind contributions.

Volunteer Services

PCCW’s corporate Volunteer Team, which consists of employees, their family members and Company retirees, has been active for over 20 years. Our corporate Volunteer Team is committed to helping the needy in the community through volunteer service. They include long-term and ad-hoc services focusing on elderly care, youth development and support to the people with disabilities and other groups.

Community Projects

Being the premier telecommunications provider in Hong Kong, we provide hardware and communications services for charities and various community groups in need. We also strive to connect elderly people with technologies that promote active and smart aging. Through virtual reality (VR) and Smart Pama smartphone workshops conducted at our retail shops and the elderly centers of our community partners, seniors citizens are able to enjoy the convenience brought by technology. We care for the safety and communication needs of senior citizens with the continuous sponsorship for the Care for the Elderly Line.


PCCW/HKT has acted as the sole sponsor of the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp, co-organized by the Hong Kong Computer Society, Shanghai Computer Society and Information Management Association, Taiwan. The camp aims to nurture young people who are interested in enhancing their IT knowledge and considering a future career in the technology sector.

We have been offering annual scholarships and bursaries to students of computer science, IT and related disciplines for over 20 years.