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NETVIGATOR is Hong Kong's premier broadband provider, reaching 97% of all households in Hong Kong and serving broadband users with a wide choice of Internet access speeds.  

By leveraging the ubiquity and reach of NETVIGATOR Home Wireless, uHub plus cloud storage, F-Secure Safe Anywhere as well as over 14,000 hotspots providing csl Wi-Fi service, NETVIGATOR delivers an unmatched wireless broadband experience that keeps users connected to the Internet anytime, almost anywhere.  

Combining a wireless router and modem, NETVIGATOR Home Wireless service offers you the convenience of instant access to the Internet. It also frees your home from the messy tangle of wires and cables.

uHub plus is a cloud storage service to backup your important photos, movies, documents, music and contact information. You can view and share the files you stored in Facebook, Picasa and Dropbox from uHub plus. Besides, your files uploaded to uHub plus always have the protection of malware scanning and encryption. 

HKT has a fast-growing network of over 14,000 Hotspots providing csl Wi-Fi throughout Hong Kong, available in locations such as full coverage of MTR stations on concourses and platforms, as well as throughout Airport Express trains and stations , and many convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping arcades, telephone kiosks, as well as universities and other tertiary education institutions. csl Wi-Fi’s excellent broadband service includes being the first deployment of 802.11ac Wi-Fi (available at a limited number of locations), providing an even faster Internet surfing experience for customers using appropriate devices.  

Complementing this wireless ubiquity is the superior connectivity of NETVIGATOR Fiber-to-the-Home broadband service and HDTV programming for a broad variety of viewers.

NETVIGATOR also comes with a wide range of value-added services to address the individual needs of users - for example, now TV,, NETVIGATOR email and F-Secure Safe Anywhere.

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